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The Arrest of Sarah Albers. . .

I got up like I do almost every day, vaguely aware that I'd been sleeping with the T.V. on and tuned to C.N.N. I got up and went into the bathroom and read "Claims Detective" by Bill Kizorek as my boss had recently started me on my own course of study to be the new staff investigator. I read for about twenty minutes, then came out to check E-mails and the like. About 30 minutes later after playing like my tenth game of Yahoo Pool my phone made the telltale chirp from the adjacent speakers, it's a weird quirk. It was Adam with good news, he was calling to ask me if I still had my Notary Stamp. I did, and went right over.
He needed some forms notarized, and since he's my best buddy, I did it with minimal bitching. After we were done there, we went out for coffee. After that we went out for a cruise to the downtown airport to get high.
An hour later I was hanging in the hallway of the Ramsey County courthouse, Adam had made a phone call while we got high and tracked down the stripper I had mentioned about a month ago. He had a bond to go check on, while I sat reading "Insurance Fraud & Motor Vehicle Collision" by Robert A. DuBois learning the finer points of gleaning accident information from autopsy reports. My phone rang a second time, it was my boss Don the retired A.T.F. Agent.
"I need you to come on down to the office and file a supplemental report to this thing from Saturday night." He asked nicely.
"What about it?" I asked.
"Well, the guy called and is gonna go down and talk to Donna about it. She wants more detail, wants to know every word they yelled at you and everything."
"Oh great." I deadpanned.
"Do you think you'll have time today?" He asked, as nice as can be.
"Well, I have to go locate one for Absolute today, we got a good lead, and plan on pickin' her up today or tonight." I blurted out. "I'm sitting at the Ramsey County Jail right now."
"They gonna keep you for awhile?" He joked.
"Huh? No I mean I'm on the other side of the campus outside the courtroom in a hallway, sorry." I explained.
"I was kidding. . ." He replied.
"Gottcha, well maybe I can wrap up, and we will go back later tonight. I'll call you if I can break away in time" I wrapped it up.
"Okay, thanks Chaz." Don ended as well.
A half hour later I was in the office writing furiously.

Later, just before 9:00 p.m. Adam and I were in the backyard sneaking around in the cold. I spotted her, he got up close and verified. We retreated and went back to the car to call Steve. Steve knew we were doing this together, so didn't seem to mind too much this time around. [footnote; he did call me up last week at 3:00 a.m. to go to Wichita Kansas then cancelled on me but was remorseful for waking me up, he also got into a pissing match with Adam over the same case.]
Steve gave me the radio, and keyed the mic.
"Radio Check." He said.
"Copy Check." I answered.
We came in blacked out, and silent. I jumped out as Adam came to a stop in the driveway, started to run up the tiny snow covered hill to my right. I immediately fell face-first and grunted as I landed, I heard Adam giggle behind me. I got up and ran to the back deck to take the tactical position I had scoped-out earlier. I keyed the radio.
"In position." I said.
"Copy." Steve answered.
I heard the front door open and knew that it was probably open and they were in stealth mode. The second I saw one of them activate a flashlight, I cranked mine on and started sweeping the back of the house in the standard pattern.
"She's in custody." The radio crackled.
"Copy." I answered, and came around to the front of the house. I entered the front door and saw the guy we spotted in the house as well earlier standing off to the side trying desperately not to look like a threat at all.

After we went on a cruise to get high after, Steve called Adam. They taled about going to "Keys" for breakfast. I was sort of uninterested. When we got back to Adam's place I got out of the car as he said.
"I'll call you in the morning, maybe we'll go out for coffee."
"After you and Steve go out for breakfast?" I asked.
"Sure. . ."

I called Lindsey on the way home, while I was on the phone Adam sent me a text message.

"Dude meet at keys at nine and be on your best, quiet behavior. . . I think it might happen to work out for you again sometimes, but who knows :) "
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July 4 2008, 02:11:12 UTC 9 years ago

what the hell are you all talking about i think you all are NERDS... please if this is your day job give it up now

Re: omg


July 4 2008, 02:14:07 UTC 9 years ago

i agree and who the hell are steve,adam and lindsey ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????YOU ARE A NERD