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Determined. . .

Sometimes I just hit a random button and see what is left in the queue. . .

Lindsey came over, and we had a nice [platonic] time. She is a good buddy. . .

There was major upheaval at the office, some of the top brass were busted down to uniformed doinks. And a couple of rank and file guys were promoted. I knew something wasn't right when the checks were late and the guys I knew weren't telling me anything. I entered the office, and there was a big note on the board about an "All Staff Meeting" that had been held two days previous.
I thought to myself, that I'd been waiting for my late paycheck for over four days, and had been in touch with brass every single day.
So, when I talked to the big boss Don, the owner of the company and the former A.T.F. agent himself. He asked me why I wasn't at the meeting.
"I talked to Captain Bailey every single day, and asked about my late check. He never mentioned any meeting. That, and you know I haven't been in the office physically since last week before my most recent tour started." I answered.
"Well, he's been scaled back dramatically in his role with operations."
The boss looked me up and down, as if to say 'Like I'm saying this for my health?' "Really. . .And, I asked him if he'd called everyone about the meeting, he clearly didn't."
"Well, I've only covered a few shifts, and I'm still the new guy on the. . ."
"It doesn't matter, everyone will be treated equally here."
The new Lieutenant was sitting behind me, another bounty hunter named Rodney "Rock" Copper a black guy but a good officer just the same.
Don went on further to explain. "Apparently the former Lieutenant, and Captain had a problem with someone who doesn't look like you and I being marginally promoted. When Rodney was about to be promoted from Corporal to Sergeant Flaig and Bailey were not too thrilled. They are now gone, and Rodney was promoted to Lieutenant. Steve Johnson was then promoted to Sergeant, and I got my eye out for a new Corporal."
"Wow" I deadpanned. Rock chuckled behind me.
"'Wow' Indeed. . ." Don deadpanned as well.

As I went home, I called Bailey and for the second time ever it went to voice mail. In my message I asked why he allowed me to walk into that office without the knowledge that I'd even missed a meeting, let alone been able to attend if he had simply mentioned it to me.

He never returned my call. . .
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