The Lankier Omaha Enemy (i_am_blue15) wrote in shave,
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I am the Blue Avenger. I fight crime in the deepest and darkest parts of Chino Hills, CA, though recently I moved cities for...educational purposes. I have taken up fighting crime in the icy tundra of Bennington, VT. Back in CA, my arch nemesis was none other than the Citrus scintillator, a villainous vagabond who did anything in his power to overcome and defeat me. We ended our relationship on the last night of my living in California, with a battle to end all battles. Eruptions soared, grounds were shattered, fires blazed the countryside as we fought in a doomed battle. By the end of it, only I remained standing, him on his knees exhausted from the battle. I walked away, I did not end him, for i knew that I would lower myself to his level if I did. And so, somewhere out there he remains, plotting, waiting for my return, and rebuilding his armies, his minions, and his strength. Only time will tell if this epic battle will ever come to an end.
In Vermont, there are possibilities, but no super villains as cunning or as slick as Citrus, but I'm still looking.
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