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Wodin's Day Eighteenth of August Anno Dominae Two Thousand and Four

Wodin's Day Eighteenth of August Anno Dominae Two Thousand and Four
Woke up at 0628 hours, staring at my phone about to go off with the alarm set at 0630 hours. My first movement underneath my polar bear sheets sent shoots of pain through my lower back. I remembered that my back hurts, and that I should get out of bed slowly. I spent the last week on vacation with Dawn and her kids up at my parent's cabin. On the shores of Big Marine Lake in Scandia, the best bass lake in the metro area. They have a super soft mattress there, and my back ached because I was back to sleeping on my nice perfectly hard futon. I love the futon, hate the transition after being coddled on a soft bed for a spell.
I showered quickly, thought about shaving my face and decided against it. Got dressed in a neutral colored light sweater of mine, two day old baggy jeans, and the last clean pairs of underwear and socks. Grabbed my phone, and looked around for my badge baton and cuffs, remembered I left them in the car last night.
Got to the office in good time, and listened to a re-run of the KQ morning show. The interview with Dennis DeYoung from STYX, a great time actually. Waited in the parking lot listening until I saw the boss [Paul] pull up.
"Hey Boss. . ." I greeted.
"Hey. . ." He said.
"My back hurts." I said.
"Soft mattress at my parent's cabin, spent all last week on vacation with my girlfriend and her kids." I answered.
"Where's that?"
"Up in Scandia."
"Oh up there. . ." He got a far away look in his eye as he tried to grasp something, I knew exactly what he was gonna say.
"Yeah, we had that stabbing up in the New Scandia township."
"Yeah, that thing was fucked up, how close were you to it?"
"Couple of miles from me, I just heard about it on the news the next day, heard the sirens go by."
"Yeah, that deal was goofy, there had to be more to it. That kid had to have had a crush on her or something." Paul said.
"Yeah, had to be a 'crime of passion' for him to show up at the scene after with blood all over him."
"Yeah, there had to be more going on there, like she told him to 'get lost' or something, they didn't give out many details. . ."
"Yeah, and there had to be more going on than they let on. . ."
We entered the building, and jumped right into talking with Gary and Maureen.
Left after like 0915 hours.
Went to my apartment intending to do nothing but relax, and not move. Fifteen minutes after getting there, got a call from the office to go write a warrant bond. Talked to the guy on the phone, and agreed to meet him down by his place in Hastings.
The guy walks in and immediately in my mind I scream.
'Meth Head!'
He's got meth bugs on his face, and I can just spot a meth head a mile away now.
I reluctantly write the bond, and go over paperwork with him.
I got another lined up after I leave there, and the plan was to go pick the co-signer up and bring him to the jail as I go right past him. As I'm pulling up, I call him, and he thinks I'm just coming in to have him sign and all.
I tell him that I need him in the lobby. So he says he'll meet me at the jail in a half-an-hour.
Forty Five minutes later, after taking care of the meth-head warrant bond, I take off.
Almost back to Saint Paul, he calls me to tell me he's at the jail.
"Tough Shit." I tell him, standing outside of the store I stopped to buy four ibuprofen tablets, and a mountain dew code red at.
He hangs up, and I could care less, as I had just gotten on the phone with Dawn we were discussing her trials with checking into me adopting her kids and what we need to do when we get married.
The guy calls me back, and pleads with me. I tell him I'm on my way back.
I get back to the jail, and am relieved to see he is a cool hard-working sorta guy, and not a meth-flake.
I go into the jail after signing papers with him, and sit down with his stripper girlfriend.
She seems nice, and not a weirdo either.
I mention that I'll be adopting my girlfriend's kids when we get married. She thinks that's pretty cool, as we got to the part on the application about children. She has one five year-old boy, and the father clearly isn't around.
After the whole ordeal, I stop at Joey D's hot dog shop, and get two Chicago's no salt no pickle.
After I ate them, while I drove home I realized that my back didn't hurt anymore.
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