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Long time no post. . .

I know I've chatted with many of you over the last few weeks, and kept you "up-to-date" about what's happening in my life. I'm terribly sorry that I've forsaken those on LJ. Allow me to remedy the situation. . .

Back in January, Adam and his girlfriend got into some sort of scuffle. It was the night of the big company Holiday Party. 1-10-2004 for those of you keeping score at home. This was after the party, I was safe at home with Mairaid my girlfriend at the moment. My phone rang, the call was from Mellisa who is Adam's girlfriend.

She was hysterical, screaming into the phone that she couldn't breathe. I kept trying to get her to calm down and tell me what happened. Eventually I gleaned that she and Adam had gotten into a fight, and that Adam had hurt her enough so that she was freaked-out and called me of all people. She wouldn't shut up about not being able to breathe, even though she was talking and hadn't passed out yet. I surmised that she had been injured in the ribs, if anything. As I took off to go over there, I called Bob. I knew Bob and Steve [our boss] were still together, cuz they had made plans to go out to a strip club with their wives. I told him what I knew and what I planned on doing. I also knew that Steve was there, and I could hear Bob telling Steve everything as I told him. I made the staement that if they thought it was a bad idea, or anything like that to speak up now. They told me to stay in touch, and go with their blessings.

I got their as the police did, and they got me to make a statement on tape. Adam was gone, Mellisa was there, and she still wouldn't shut up about not being able to breathe.

Since then Adam and his high-priced lawyer have been pressuring me to avoid the subpeona, and not testify. They will not have a case against him if they never subpeona me, and if I never testify.

The case is set to come to trial on July 19th.

Adam recently broke ties with me, and will not communicate with me.

The rub which I spoke with a few of you was; should I testify, or be loyal to someone who is no longer my friend?

Well it seems that Adam has made it all a moot point. . .

He has disappeared.

The bosses of the company can't get ahold of him, Steve can't, I haven't tried. The other agents all have tried, as well as friends of ours. . .
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