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The arrest of John Lee Jones. . .

We had been working on capturing John for over two weeks. We had done numerous surveillance operations, raided close to fifteen houses, and were starting to look bad. Our boss Steve is personal friends with Tony who is a Minneapolis Police Officer on loan to the A.T.F.
John Lee Jones had two federal warrants issued by the A.T.F. so Tony was in charge of capturing John from the Federal side. I had heard rumors that the bill had already climbed over $5,000.00 from that side. We had numerous man hours in our own investigation.
During one surveillance operation I had followed him, and spotted him. He got away while I was alone, in a weird twist of fate.

By the time we started our operation this afternoon we were weary, and at best doubtful we would catch him.
Tony in his issued car, Steve and Adam in the Jeep, and me in my car took off from our office a little after three p.m. We cruised toward the north side in a pack, we all had two-way radios we could talk on, Tony of course had his own police PAC set. Part-way there, Steve breaks off. I stay with Tony, as Steve goes out of radio range. Steve calls me on my cell phone.
"Go down to the housing projects and set-up for eyes on Piere."
"Okay, right now or after Tony is done with me?"
"Right now, go!" He hangs up.
I motion Tony to roll down his window.
"Steve wants me down by Piere's place."
"No, stay with me. I might need you."
I nod, and fall back in behind him.
We go over to an area he's been known to frequent, Tony directs me to approach from the north as he comes from the south. We criss cross the neighborhood pretty well for about twenty minutes.
Steve shows up, with Piere in the Jeep. [Later I find out that Piere had just pointed out the umpteenth house that John was supposed to be at.] He tells me to stand-by at one point.
Then he radios me to take Piere back to his place, and to call by cell phone when I return to the area. Cool by me, Piere is our fugitive's brother.
Piere gets in, and leans my seat all the way back so no one sees him. Piere is living in perpetual fear of John.
So, I head to his house, tried to make small talk but didn't push it. Didn't expect to become good buddies, anyway. . .
I left the radio on as I drove the twenty or so blocks back to the operations area. As I'm approaching I hear Steve barking out that they've spotted John. Then I hear that they are in pursuit. I'm near where they are waiting first in line at a red light. They bark out that they are east-bound [toward me] on the road crossing the one I'm on. . .
I look to my left in time to see the fugitive vehicle followed by Steve turning a block before me to go north [the direction I'm facing]. So I just gun it through the red light, and take a right a half of a block from me. Steve barks out that they are in foot pursuit, as I make the turn north. I see Steve and Adam on the boulevard holding someone down who is struggling in the mud. As I squeal up, Steve yells for me.
"Get up here, Chaz!"
"Coming!" I bellow as I run around my open door.
I landed with my knee on his tail-bone, with my cuffs out. There was mud everywhere already. his arms were so muddy that Steve could no longer hold onto him, so he got up and just let me take over. I cuffed as best I could as I quickly got muddier than either Adam or Steve combined. But not nearly muddy as John who is face down in it, and by this point cuffed. Tony shows up with like eight squads. But, the fight was over, we had him all wrapped up.
Tony and I escorted him over to a squad car. As we were putting him in the back he noticed my car, and put two-and-two together.
"You was that guy that followed me and Dre"
I kept silent, and let the ten plus cops around me take over, and watched as they stuffed him into the back of the squad. They flipped the dash cam around as he started squealing in the car, trying to start making a deal.
We stood around high-fiving all the cops, and each other.

John Lee Jones is facing twenty five years in federal prison.

I'm going to sleep really well tonight.
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