All You Ever Wanted (cereal_x_killer) wrote in shave,
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Finnally we have arrived...

There exists an elite group of superheros who live just beneath the surface of Earth, Where they have created the perfect world. But to keep it so perfect no one from the surface must know it exists...they will do anything to keep their secrets safe

But,there is a great force opposing them. Two evil geniuses who envy these diggers because they cannot begin to understand how such peace and harmony can survive in a world like ours. They will do anything to destroy their tranquility.


Powers: SuperGenius, Mind Control
Weakness: Expensive Shoes, Mirrors, Light


Powers: Seduction
Weakness: The Color Pink, Pain, Light


Powers: Super-Human Strength
Weakness: Loud Noises, Light, Enjoys sleep


Powers: Control Over The Elements
Weakness: Anthony, Light, Pain


Powers: Can Read minds, Minimal Mind control
Weakness: John, Cheesecake, Light
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i like the weaknesses. very creative. are they anyone you know?
also good to see someone posting on this community
I know I could use some posting in this community, and thanks btw